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 Y E A R  2  K I L L

by Andrew Loly Homepage y2kill


The author has made many levels before this one, however, never released any of them. This and the questionable quality of "Year 2 Kill" explains the author's anonymity in The Community. But read on, there's some clear potential here.

The level is made for DooM II, and is in many areas very much inspired from the original levels. You can't really get the hang of where "you" are, because of the texture usage: Panel-walls, wood, metal, pipe-walls, brown and red-hot rocks makes it impossible to exactly determine in what place you are actually fighting these bad-guys. But it builds up an excellent mood and atmosphere and brings back memories of your first humble attempts at shooting imps in DooM II.

Detail is scarce and many misaligned textures and not-un-pegged door tracks lowers the score. For instance the hallways with the pipe walls; you get a little disappointed, because they are downright ugly because of their lack of alignment, yet the architecture and lighting is of an acceptable level. Too bad. 

The layout is very linear and you're basically guided through the level, which isn't exactly big, with the exception of some few areas e.g. a large secret area. But never-the-less can it be an exciting trip since there's different surprises in store for the player that might just catch you on the wrong foot. Another form of surprise could be the not too good monster placement; sometimes you run into an Imp and sometimes you're stormed by an Arch Vile, Pain Elemental and Lost Souls. So the level of challenge differs somewhat, but offers the player -again- an ok gaming experience. An average gameplay all in all.

"Year 2 Kill" is the average wad, with the potential shining through as the most conspicuous feature. You won't be putting this in your Favourite Wads folder, should you have one, after having played it, but I'm sure you won't avoid it like the plague either.


Score:  62%