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Having downloaded and played a lot of levels, I have learned

that not all of them are quality products. This section is dedicated to presenting

You with the best I've come across. Only the best, not the OK, but the best will

be placed on this page. So whenever I play a truly excellent wad, it

will be posted here. In no particular order.





by Ola Björling, Richard Wiles, Jan Van der Veken, Anthony Soto, Derek MacDonald, Adam Windsor, Lee Szymanski, Ben Davies, Nick Baker, Sam Woodman and "Kniggit"

SP/DM levels for DooM II

Quality level design is synonymous with The Darkening, clearly indicated by the awe-inspiring list of the community's finest authors who have contributed to this masterpiece of a level-pack! The Darkening 2 is in every way and aspect of its beauty a clear manifestation that when the right skills are combined, a fabulous and outrageously well made end-product will emerge on your screen! Everything is perfect, right from the action-packed gameplay to the professional looking new textures, so don't hesitate to download, do it now!




 C R U S A D E S 

by Richard Wiles

An episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom. 

Detail and amazing gameplay go hand in hand in this compilation of Richard's awesome dark and moody Spooky wads. There's also some new levels which together with the old ones seems to have no end in playability and fun. This is clearly the work of a superior designer! It's so good, you'll never get it out of your head. It amazes you endlessly!





by Andy Badorek

SP level for DooM II

A memorable level! Growing older by the hour, but still exhibiting some of the best Brick'n'metal around! The level is at places tight, but manages to amaze the player multiple times when shifting into open areas not seen better in the orig. DooM II. Repetitive architecture is a far away land in this map with its truly amazing structures inviting the player for a superb gaming experience including the most original concept seen a single map. Relive the DooM II experience with this map! Its that good!




 T H E  C L A S S I C  E P I S O D E 

by Jan Van der Veken, Anthony Soto,
Nick Baker & Travers Dunne

An episode 2 replacement for Doom.

"An episode in the classic Doom style. The goal is to recreate as accurate as possible the atmosphere of the original id levels" That's what it says in the text file, and that's exactly what you get! The most impressive compilation of eps. 2 levels ever made. John Romero himself has expressed his outmost admiration for Classic. It's smooth, beautiful and a stroke of genius.




 C H O R D 3 

by Malcolm Sailor

SP level for DooM II / Boom.

The amount of work that Malcolm has put into this level must exceed what most designers consider as a maximum. However, the gameplay is carefully and perfectly created to match the eminent design delivering a truly amazing DooM II experience. One can only admire and enjoy Chord 3!




 S L A Y E R 

by Richard Wiles

SP levels for DooM II

Richard Wiles is for custom made pwads what Romero is for DooM! Slayer proves this by being the ultimate example of a perfect set of levels! There isn't enough room here to list all the reasons! An architectural masterpiece with all the challenge that lies in its puzzles and tricks! An aesthetically beauty with loads of action and hours of gratifying game playing!




 S E L F I S H 3 

by Paul Corfiatis

SP level for DooM II / Boom.

The Selfish series looks and plays a lot like the original DooM II levels, only better. They use a wide range of textures and flats perfectly mixed and excellently combined. Indoor and outdoor areas glide perfectly into each other and creates a sinister yet fascinating world. Selfish3 is the ultimate DooM II gaming experience with all the eye candy and action that comes with it!




by Christopher Lutz of The Chaos Crew

SP episode for Ult. DooM / Boom / MBF

Never before seen amounts of detail and excellent architecture is what P:AR is all about! Bow your head in total amazement over this unearthly creation that will surely haunt your dreams and nightmares in more than one sence! Anything else you've ever played shrinks down to almost nothing when compared to this awesome and god-like masterpiece! Worship it...