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Once again I have thorughout the year kept an eye out for those level releases that stand somewhat, a lot and massively out of the crowd. It is all a matter of taste and this list represents only my opinion. I feel that 2002 wasn't nearly as good a year as 2001 when it comes to great DooM releases. I would, though, think that most of you outthere will enjoy every single one of the levels in this list whether you're into tech, gothic, industrial or hell themed singleplayer levels or some deathmatching. This list has it all and it also features a stunning alphabetical order! This year there's a new service, which was brought to my attention as a "flaw" in last year's list: Namely a short description of each level. Your word is my command, so with no furter ado I give you '2002 - Great Doom Releases'!