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by Daniel Gimmer Homepage xmas -DM level -needs Legacy


It was with expectations set high, when I sat down to play this compilation of Christmas deathmatch levels. I thought that I was dealing with something very innovative and special -in terms of gameplay and design. I wanted it so badly; this to be a fresh breeze in the world of DooM DM! However, it really wasn't. Yes, it had some funny stuff and a lot of well designed elements such as the big amount of new graphics. That just doesn't make up a good DM experience.

First of all, I would like to point out that a Christmas theme like this demands a lot from the author, as he has to spot the fine line between the ridiculous and the amusing; at that he succeeded! Mr. Gimmer has blended the DooM action very well with the craziness of a concept such as this. Especially due to the all the new and improved elements the wad contains; a nice red present  with yellow ribbons instead of a rocket (!), snow on the players' shoulders, snowmen and a frozen plasma rifle. It all adds up to the perfect illusion; Christmas has hit DooM, and it's gonna be a bloody one! A lot of nice new textures are in there too.

The big minus of X-Mas is sadly enough the levels! They just aren't no fun. Plagued by big areas and a bad amount of detail they offer little eyecandy. Or gameplay for that matter. Although the use and placement of objects are of a middle class. The gameplay is in no way able to compete with today's standards or requirements. The author should have made fewer but better levels.

X-Mas gets three marines for the graphics and innovative nature of the whole. The spirit of it is good, preventing it from only getting two marines.