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 V R A C K

By Fredrik Johansson Homepage vrack -needs Boom


Vrack is not your average Doom level. Vrack is not a medium sized level with a handful of monsters. Vrack is not what you'd expect a Doom map to be like. Vrack is Vrack!

The first thing that springs to ones mind is the enormous attention the author has given this level. It takes a lot not to get lost in ones ideas if your trying to create an action packed gameplay with all the nice tricks, traps and fights that comes with it, and at the same time, trying to keep the level of detail at a mind-blowing high! Fredrik has very thoroughly and carefully packed some of the most entertaining and cunning gameplay into this level not seen in a long time. Vrack gives the player the feeling that nothing is made by coincidence, especially when it comes to monster placement. The fights are really entertaining and gives the player a wide range of possibilities when it comes to approaching them and attacking their positions. Vrack also delivers some grand examples of just how a specific monster is best placed and how it will attack. Top notch!

The second most impressive thing is the scale at which Vrack delivers some really, really nice architecture. Given it's theme, colours are somewhat grey and..... grey. But, you'll be amazed as to just how a bit of blue and red can correct that. Just look and the screenshots above. The author's attention to detail must also be considered as being above normal. Some might say that lots of nice ceiling lights etc. doesn't make a good level. Alone, no! But with the kick-ass gameplay already mentioned it sure boosts the level to the higher end of the scale! I feel like mentioning though, that although relatively perfect, some pretty obvious and ugly mis-alignments ruin the cleanness of it all. Too bad.

There's not much left to say, other than: Play Vrack, damn it! It's the a Tech Doom level straight from Hell and it's sure to burn your pant's off! Yeah!


Score: 89%