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 V E N O M

by Ola Björling venom



It was with expectations set high, when I started downloading Venom. Although it was released two years ago, I knew that Ola's levels tend to give a good look into the future of level designing. He's one those guys, who builds levels now, which us other guys can only accomplish in a couple of years! And Venom doesn't let you down: packed with detailed areas and a great set of texture usage, Venom surprises you by being so utterly good despite its age. And as Ola says in the txt file:


“I was able to produce a visplane overflow but I guess I fixed it somehow”.


Which explains everything, I guess. And not only the architecture amazes you, but also the gameplay, which offers huge battles with all sorts of monsters: Both mingled together, but also in packs. The last thing strongly represented at the end where several rooms introduce you to packs of Zombies, Chaingunners, HellKnights and Barons etc; a little old school, but it works o.k. since they aren't placed in a huge long hallway with light startan walls and marble floors; nice save Ola!

But perhaps the age is the main factor, why Venom doesn't reach the top. Even though it's ahead of its time, some of today's levels produce amazing scenarios and excellent gameplay for the DooMer, and Venom lacks some aspects of these -but it isn't serious and you can't really blame it, since it is two years old- which is more or less obligatory of today's level designing. But still, it is “a must” download! (big) So what are you waiting for, Marine!

Score: 88%