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 T H E   R E D   S K U L L   K E Y

by Pablo Dictter pd-trsk


"The red skull key" is a green level. Yes, once again your immediate impression of another one of Pablo's DooM gothic levels is the omnipresent color green in form of marble textures. It's every where; on the floors, ceilings and on the walls, only occasionally abrupt by some rock textures or some metal. It looks ok; it's just too much! It might be a little hard to negatively judge the entire level on this statement, but I'm here to review this map, and I can't very well leave out this detail since the greater part of a reviewers job is to judge the level by its design and architecture. And TRSK is just not a very innovative level on these points. The author has not tried very hard to make something extraordinary (I'm not the one to say if that is every designers quest and goal, but a little effort on all areas are required to get a high score) out of this one. It's got some good shading and a few neat features. However, it looks and plays like most average levels and the player soon gets tired of looking at that same style and layout over and over and over again. The map is in most places very well designed, and TRSK has some nice details to it, but they are never totally overwhelming or, to say the least, represented in great numbers. They are there, but they disappear. The architecture itself is quite good and nice to look at, and it gives the level a good atmosphere.  

All of this is off course counterbalanced by the size of the map, which is a bit on the small side. It's very linear and the player never feels lost or misguided. It's simple, perhaps too simple. Not a very big use of various trigger effects and "no" monsters adds to the simplicity of the level. However, it has on the other hand, a very nasty "assignment", which the player has to complete in order to move on. And that's a climb -or rather- some jumping on some very small and narrow ledges on a "mountain" side. It's actually quite hard and extends the experience a little. 

You feel like you've seen it all before, but then again, not. TRSK is one of its kind; both negatively and positively. Download it, play it and move on.


Score:  67%