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 T H E   A B A N D O N E D   B A S E

By John Cartwright comp_01

Review by Wim Vanrie

The abandoned base is a single level for DooM 2. It contains a few new graphics from Quake 2 and Ultimate Doom including four magnificent skies. It also has new music from Duke Nukem 3D.

You can clearly see John has paid a lot of attention to the detail of his level. I think one of the keys to a good design is to avoid flat floors, ceilings and walls. John has clearly taken care of this. His ceilings are almost always filled with lights on several heights. And, the walls mostly have windows in it. In most levels with windows you just get stuck staring at the sky. Not in this level, John has made a huge plain around the buildings with tree's and a large lake. This isn't super detailed but it's better than nothing. The floors are fairly flat but there are a lot of lighting effects thrown in which is good. And to make it complete, John has added some pillars and decoration here and there which really proves he has good design skills. 

The gameplay on the other hand is very average. The level is pretty short only taking 7 minutes to complete and the difficulty level lies very low. In almost every room you'll find a couple of medikits waiting for you which takes your health back to 100%. The monster placement is just average too. The monsters are mostly just scattered around the room. Oh, and if you like to fight Hell knights, Spiders and Arch-Viles, forget it. The toughest monster you'll find is the Spectre. The keys are well placed around the level making you wander around a bit but when you pick them up
it's always fun when there's an unexpected trap to surprise you. In this level, you wont find a single trap so it gets a little boring after a while. The gameplay sure could be handled better.

If you're a beginning level designer and want to know how to create some nice design, this might be interesting for you. But if you expect a good gameplay with a lot of surprises, I'd advice you to run trough this in no-monsters mode.

Score: 76%