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 S U R E   S H O T

By Lee Szymanski leedm05 -DM level -needs Darkening 2


Following the more and more used DM style of connecting hallways and stairs endlessly creating a pseudo 3D environment "Sure Shot" sets an example of how it is best done.

"Sure Shot" is best described as a true 3D level without true 3D... I'll leave you with that in mind for a few seconds... As you're running around this, at first glance small arena type level, you get the feeling that whenever you run up a set of stairs leading you to the next room or hallway, you get the feeling that you're moving upwards all the time and that you're on top of an area you've already been in. Its very strange, but fascinating nonetheless. I don't know exactly how the author has done this, but great it is. I think its got something to do with the fact that the level when looked upon in the automap, looks very small and doesn't span a great area. Its the height that makes it feel big. And most importantly it sports some of the best DM around, as you get the opportunity to use all of zDooM's (if that's the one you're using) nice gameplay enhanced features like jumping and run-all-the-time. Nothing can stop or prevent you from doing anything in this map, and jumping from one place to another, or falling to the ground or plain walking along the hallways and stairs quietly is all accessible. Sure Shot is fast, fun and entertaining and exhibits some great Deathmatch with its limitlessness.

What about eyecandy? Why that's no problem, because "Sure Shot" manifests itself as a true winner and #1 by being utterly superior in terms of looks. The Darkening II textures and flats are without a doubt some the best looking new textures seen in any add-on to date! They offer what the original can't and draws some attention to Quake II without ever looking like anything from that game. Or any other for that matter. As a designer one can suddenly create a totally new feeling and environment to a DooM level with an unmistakable smell of DooM. Not easily explained but "Sure Shot" is a perfect example of that with its DooM feeling and new looks. Excellent!

I couldn't find any problems with lighting and shading. You have your dark areas, light areas, shadows etc. all nicely and flawlessly made. Just perfect! 

You don't want to miss out on this level and you don't want to not having tried it. Everyone else likes it so download now or die a lonely death.