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 R U I N  D M

By Kristian Aro Homepage Ruindm -DM level


I knew from the very first steps I took in this level, that I was dealing with something extraordinary. The feeling in my tense body plagued by every strained nerve there is in it gave me a hint even as I unzipped Ruin; this is not something you run into everyday in the Community! 

I guess, it's because of the fact that everything -from the amazing new textures and the terrifying red sky to the exceptional and excellent flow of the gameplay (which I've never experienced before quite like this in no other Doom DM level) and also right from the gloom'ish mood to the totally professional way in which every item, weapon and spawn spot has been put in the level; in Ruin DM everything fits together so well and makes up the perfect unity. A unity so complete that one should be ashamed to try and compete or challenge it. That is what Ruin DM is all about, perfection. Nothing has been left undone or been neglected in any way. Nothing is put in without some sort of meaning. There isn't anything at all negative to say about it, it just works, damn it! 

Although there is tight spots and narrow passages, the speed at which the players move around in are never any obstruction to the gameplay. It flows.......and that's it. It helps the players on their hunt, it doesn't prevent them, and that's what Deathmatch is all about. One can see -and that is perfectly "legal" and alright - that Ruin has borrowed certain elements and techniques from other DM levels -professional, that is- seen in the gaming industry. Nothing wrong with that, because in this level these things stay borrowed and not stolen, or perhaps the right word would be; inspired from! Because Mr. Aro has discovered the very fine balance of "borrowing" from let's say a Quake [] DM level without ripping exact and specific elements out it. He has let himself be inspired and then fine-tuned it all so that it elevates to a higher level. Magnificent!

I never had so much fun -or spent that much time- with a Doom DM level! I even loaded it up without opponents of any sort and just marbled at it's glory. Bravo!