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 P L I N C H   I I

By Michael Smith plinch2


Although "Plinch" was not the most brilliant map of its time, it some clear qualities and a good idea behind it. This sequel, which by nature ought to be better or at least as good, lacks everything the prequel had!

What's wrong with it then? Well, I couldn't exactly figure out why there were four imps and a Cyberdemon trapped out side the map (in the void). Or why there is an easy to find secret near the beginning containing a chaingun when there also is a chaingun right in front of you! Or why the author chose to put four Arch Viles in a cage in the center main area where they can get you wherever you try to hide (almost). If on of them isn't firing, the other one is or the third for that matter, or maybe two at the same time. Ridiculously difficult. However, it doesn't stop there. There's absolutely no deeper intensions when it comes to gameplay, as you might have already figured out. Near the exit you face two Troopers.......! Very incoherent!

There's also a redundant use of keys. The level consists of largely 3 big rooms, 2-3 smaller and some hallways. And in all of this (!) the author has managed to put in two keys!

And while the prequel had some very good design with architecture and structures fitting the gameplay and giving the map a very special and unique atmosphere, this sequel absolutely lacks just that! I don't know if it's going for the first price in ugly lighting, aligning and construction, but it sure has a chance of winning. I can't really find anything noteworthy to commend. Maybe it should be the fact that the author took time to simulate the style from the original "Plinch" level. He didn't really succeed, but he died trying...

I'd say that this is map, which there's no need for in the community, isn't really worth downloading. It doesn't live up to the original and flunks big time.


Score: 47%