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By Chris Lutz of The Chaos Crew Homepage par-lutz

Meticulous. Amazing. Brilliant. Pedantic. Painstaking. Those will probably be the key-words in this review. Somehow I feel that I will inevitable get to those words at some point. Why? Because this is a review of one the the most amazing Doom wads ever created. That was the first word, 4 to go.

Now, we have all encountered wads with good scripting, great looks, superb layout and action packed gameplay. However, exactly how often is it that we get all that in one download? P:AR is what we have been looking for. You get your absolutely brilliant design, with some of the most amazing level of detail I have ever seen in a Doom level. I dare not start to imagine just how much time Chris Lutz has used on creating these truly spectacular environments with the most painstakingly crafted and inspiring use of lights, shadows and pseudo 3D structures ever seen. And it doesn't stop there, because as you play these levels you will also start to get the feeling that a careful plan was laid out before work commenced on P:AR. There is a meaning with it all and you feel like you're moving further down into some evil underworld as your surroundings gradually shift into something more and more sinister and hostile. Top it all off with meticulous amounts and well placed scripted sequences either triggered by your movements or the classic press of a switch. It is all there and the brilliant mixture of something known and new captures the player into a unique visual experience!

Being an Ult. Doom episode, you will probably miss Revenants and Chaingunners or the Super Shotgun and assume that it will be a breeze blazing through these levels without dying. However, only if you're the total Doom II addict. Because P:AR lacks nothing in finely tuned gameplay and presents the player with plenty of action and challenge despite the fact that you rarely run into monsters such as Cacodemons and Barons. You will slaughter seemingly endless amounts of Former Humans, Sergeants and Imps armed almost only with your trusty Shotgun. Yes, you will get the other weapons but ammo supplies consists largely of shells. This rises the challenge factor quite a bit as you take a lot of hits while the Shotgun is loading from multiple sides. The Ult. Doom gameplay is in most cases much to easy when there is too much bullet ammo around. Not in P:AR. One thing you will also notice is that although you can afford to miss a shot or two, it will generally not be a good idea to waste too much ammo as the author has been very pedantic in this area and it seems like ammo balance is literally perfect.

A short review. Yes, but filled with justified praise. I can only recommend this set of levels, how could do otherwise after having used such positive words about it. Ohh yeah, here is one I forgot: Staggering!



Score: 96%