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 P A G B S P D 2

by Pedro Arturo Gomez Blanco pagbspd2 -needs zDoom


What is it with levels made for sourceports? In most cases they seem to be a DooM version of Quake 2. Now, this does not degrade the quality of the levels, but it seems that a level made for a sourceport has to be dark and filled with metal textures. Pagbspd2 is no exception. Texture usage consists mostly of different sorts of metal. This makes the level very dark, but with great lighting. You know that the monsters are there, hiding in the dark further up ahead. Some monsters, like in any good and challenging level, hide behind walls etc. thus making the feeling of paranoia rise a little bit. However, in most cases, you know what will happen when you hit that switch. The surprises are there, but does not go beyond the ordinary doom tricks.

However I like the sudden change in the design as you suddenly, after having battled your way through scarcely but detailed lighted and nukage filled areas, find yourself in a big rock area. Again very quake'ish, but nicely integrated in the design. Another thing is ammo. As Pedro writes in the txt file:

Don't waste ammo, you'll need it...

And he is right. There is not much of it and you need every bullet and shell. Because of this, a horde of monsters teleporting in to kill you with great ease is never going to happen in this level.

If Pedro had only used the full power of the sourceport, which he initially wanted and had put in a little more detail, he would have made a level close to any of Kessler's levels. It comes close to some of the better levels of today's DooM designing.


Score: 81%