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 O U T A H E R E

By Zigmund Ozwell Homepage outahere

Review by Richie "Skarj" Gay

You (marine) are air dropped into a volcano island and your squad is ambushed. You're knocked unconscious and wake up after your squad is gone. You're the only one that survived of course. Now your only chance of escape is a boat waiting in the lagoon.

This sets the scene for Outahere.wad. A single player wad for Doom2, with some new sprites and weapons. Such as the double chaingun (a personal favourite of mine), and a new little tracking screen attached to the rocket launcher (this should be changed though, as your view are sometimes blocked because of it).
There is no central theme for this map. I'd say about a third of all the Doom 2 textures were used. And texture use was not incredibly consistent in this stage. Although the outside areas and a few other places looked really good, the choices the author made were not consistent. One room had fire/hellish textures in it, and a Startan wall texture. 
It was hard to review this wad because of this and other small things that kept it under the 80% line. It consists of 4 or 5 big outside rooms that look good, but the places in between are what bring it down. Many of the hallways had no monsters or just weren't pleasing to the eye. There is also a big number of texture misalignments, taking away from the gameplay.
Besides the few minor problems in this map, I'd say it was a pretty fun experience. Once a while in this map, you just want to stop and take in the beautiful sights. It has a lot of originality to it, and the story really adds to the fun factor.
Monster placement was average, with some fun fights and a few traps, but I died a few times just from the number of shotgunners sniping at the beginning. The Arch-vile at the beginning made it a little harder than normal, but there is an easy way to beat him. It seemed like the end lacked a few monsters to me, but it was still O.K. I love a big climax. The lighting was also pretty realistic-looking in most places, giving the stage a nice atmosphere. All in all a pretty good job. It showed a lot of higher editing skills, along with a few small problems. 

Check out the author's next stage if he decides to make a sequel, it will probably be pretty good. A lot of people may think I scored this map to high, and a lot may think the opposite. How much you like this stage depends on what your tastes are really, I'm sure a lot of people will like it.

Score:  74%