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 O M E G A 0 1

by Tomi Rajala Lu Wang's Site omega01 -needs Boom


Damn it, I have never played a DooM level before that actually made me laugh. That conveyor belt at which you can easily lure monsters up on, really makes one laugh. However, I am sure that it was not meant to be funny, but it is as funny as decorative, as it actually matches the surroundings really good with crates and computers.

Though most of the textures are tech, the level incorporates all sorts of textures, such as rock and green walls with the occasional shiny support texture. Much like in Pixel Rex´s Rocketeer. Tomi has apparently a really good ability to control this, as it does not get messed up, but maintains a detailed and varied experience. The level is mostly played in small indoor areas, but there is also a nicely done outdoor area with a pool of water in which you sink “knee deep” in and a mancubus to battle with. This outdoor area gives you a breather from the cramped in feeling, which the indoor areas gives you, as they are really small, with a somewhat high amount of monsters. This makes the gameplay intense and you are never able to stand still. And as you think you’ve killed all monsters in one room, and then later returns to it, a new pack of them are waiting for you. Most of them teleport in, but some of them are waiting behind the classic “hidden door” that activates in some way. It is not a bad thing, however a little predictable. But I guess, that’s what you get from playing such an “old” game.

This level offers that plain and very good gaming experience with that touch of high quality, but does not really blow you away.


Score: 83%