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By Esa Repo Homepage karmea


There is the levels with a certain variety in texture choice, levels with intense and deadly fights and levels with difficult puzzles worthwhile several days of headache. 'Entryway doesn't really fit in either category. But then again it is also a map01 of a larger pack to come.

Let it be said: This level is grey! Not like the fabulous 'Derelict' by Philippe Lesire with the occasional colourful floor or the amazing blue sky. No, 'Entryway' is just plain grey with grey flats, grey startan or stone walls and a grey sky. It is not ugly, but it gets a little tiresome in the long run as the very well placed lighting and occasional computer console in the wall doesn't really manage to pull up the daft and depressive colour scheme of the level. The author has by the way been very attentive to aligning the textures, although the startan walls sometimes are a little misaligned. But hey, those aren't exactly the easiest textures working with when you want changing floor heights and stairways. And that is exactly what you will get in this level. There is a nice flow in it and as you look for keys and weapons scattered throughout this rather large complex, you will be visiting the surface for some fresh air and be walking nervously around some dark and damp (and gray) hallway with Spectres lurking around every corner. So despite the my initial fear that I would be running around this map for days confused and discouraged because of the monotonous colour theme, I found it quite easy because the author really took great care to create a lot of different structures, rooms and areas which were easy to recognize when backtracking in search for a locked door. Apropos locked doors, then there is all three of them, and in my opinion that might just be a little harsh for a map01 of a larger pack.

The gameplay brings nothing new. It is a straightforward hunt for keys with some shooting involved to clear your path of enemies. Sometimes a door opens, mostly when you pick up a key, to unleash, no not a horde, a couple of monsters. There is no monsters teleporting in and no monsters appearing out of nowhere and generally not that many surprises to scare or frighten you even remotely. Trained and even slightly experienced DooM players will blaze through this level, while novices might get badly hurt in an occasion or two. It is fair enough to say that the gameplay isn't this map's strongest feature. But hey, it is only a map01 of a larger pack.

Generally a rally good level with plenty of originality and good will behind it. But it doesn't cover over the fact that the level is a little awkwardly assembled. Not your typical map01 of a larger pack.


Score: 66%