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 H O U S E  O F  T HE  D A M N E D

By Chris Laverdure Homepage housedar -DM level


This Dm level comes without a text file. This isn't the biggest of problems, although a little background information on the author, his opinion about the level and most importantly some general play-info would have been nice. And be warned, the txt file sets an example!

The first spot I spawned in this level was in the inside of the "house" which is centered in the game area. And what is characteristic about a house?... Rooms and hallways! And this is exactly what this particular "house" contains. Now to be honest, this blends very poorly with DM and the small rooms and extremely narrow hallways really obstructs the players and hinders the general gameplay and flow to a point where it gets downright annoying. There's almost no place at all to move around in and with the speed of Doom deathmatch, the inside is hell and you get fragged a lot because there's no room for the player to dodge or strafe at all. It isn't challenging in any way, only really irritating!

The outside on the other hand works a lot better. The size is very good, because there's enough room for the players to hunt each other down, however not so much so you'll be running for days. The funny thing is though, that you'll eventually discover a dark and scary garage with only one entrance/exit. So you run in -afraid that someone will be waiting inside to frag you good- and find a rocket launcher.....and a pair of light-enhancement-goggles. What on earth are they any good for!?

Another thing you'll notice about the "house", is the extreme number of misaligned textures. It really looks rather ugly when the textures above and under a window isn't un-pegged. This really brings down the score an extra notch. The level of detail in this map isn't very good. Both the layout and architecture is relatively simple and the level has a "flat 2D" feeling to it.  

Other than that, weapon selections, item placement and quantity is of a fair and tolerable standard.


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