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 D R ' S   C R Y P T

by Jani Saksa Sir Robin's Doom Castle drcrypt -needs MBF


Some levels are excellent and some truly awful. This one comes in right between, perhaps leaning more to the top.

The level has a lot of nice features as it uses the MBF qualities very well. The idea with freeing captured marines so that they may lend you a helping hand with battling those pesky monsters are quite original and puts a fresh breeze through the community. Jani has done some good work here building up the level so that it fits this concept, but the architecture itself can’t really keep up with the rest. The outdoor areas are a little under detailed and most inner the exact opposite. From the outside, the level offers a medium architecture with some good places and some bad. I didn’t really like the outside marble Demon Head platform, which I couldn’t really fit in with the rest of the level, since most is a modern style.

The level has a somewhat dim look with some sporadic good light effects and some very poor. This together with the dull choice of textures gives the level a unappealing feeling in most places. Though at some, the job is very well done indeed and small details such as advanced light effects and a really awesome amount of three dimensional bridges, which all neutralizes the other odds and flaws more or less.

Monster choice is of a broad selection and varied, both in terms of placement and the way in which they appear. The level is very well balanced in this area, nothing here!

So all in all, the level is worth the download, and you won’t regret having played it, but won’t shock the world either!

Score: 80%