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 D O O M   A R E N A   D E M O   1

by Jason Sloan DooM ArenaS doomarena -DM level -needs zDooM


I’ve chosen to make this more like a preview than an actual review, since this is just a demo and not the finished product.

You know from the first glance at the one level this demo consists of, that DooM Arena is going to be something special, but also, that it is only made by one guy. The style of the level is a mixed pleasure with some very good things, but also some rather questionable. Nice pseudo 3D bridges, which you can walk over but not exactly under, gives a good 3D feeling, but not more.

Architecture looks promising with lots of nice details and new textures. The players are thrown into nicely designed rooms consisting of all of the known elements. Textures that differ from that of the surroundings are nicely integrated. All of this builds up a nice atmosphere and possibilities for some entertaining dm are definitely present.

No new tricks and features, despite some water effects, although its made for zDooM.

I look forward to the finished product.


No score because preview