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 D E R E L I C T

By Philippe Lesire Homepage derelict


I have always appreciated a high level of detail. A lot of other designers feel the same way. Derelict turns this phenomenon upside down, and shows us Doom fanatics and players just how a good level is built.

For Derelict is the most brilliant and not to forget innovative map I've played in a long time. Doom is in itself a simple game when compared to modern FPS's. So sometimes when an author makes an excellently detailed level, the Doom atmosphere slowly disappears, and the level looks more like Q2 or Unreal map played with low-res graphics and a minimum of cool gameplay features. Derelict looks in design and structure like map 12 or 13 in the orig. Doom2 and feels the same way in gameplay. However, that's were the similarities stops and the positive differences and additions begin; at the second glance Derelict looks and plays more like a Jedi Knight or Half-Life level nicely adapted to Doom. First of all, the clear blue sky almost gives you a tan and the shadows cast by the buildings almost makes you sweat and long for a cool drink. I've never seen anything like it, it's amazing. Then there's the modified gray-wall textures which has been perfectly selected to fit in with the massive constructions giving them a heavy and a truly desolate or empty feeling. Everything forms the ultimate symbiosis and embraces the player in an adventure filled with danger and heat -in more that one sense, that is. 

And suddenly you find a way out. Through a piece of machinery and further into a dark big cave, that declares: "From here and beyond there lies nothing good!". This level simply oozes of atmosphere! This level has it all, that's for sure.

Walking around this strange and derelict station/city you really get this unwelcome feeling and suddenly as you're wondering where the hell everybody is, some monsters give you the answer as they surprise you behind doors and barricades and start attacking you with all the fury they can accommodate. But there aren't that many, and since there's usually plenty of space to move about in, the battles won't threaten you to a very dangerous extent. And every weapon is there, so action is guaranteed.

Load the level, listen to the new moody track for a couple of seconds, start wondering, prepare yourself and engage; you'll never regret it, Derelict is a must download!


Score:  90%