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 D A W N

By Patrick Höglund Homepage dawn


Dawn is evil, dark, evil, unpleasant, evil and evil. Your nerves will be put to the test, your will to succeed will be shred to pieces and your soul depraved with nightmares and a rotten morale. That's Dawn, and if you can't take it..... then die.

One could easily say that the author was not very innovative when choosing which textures to use, because Dawn presents perhaps a fraction of what Doom2 has on offer; there's skin textures, marble, brick and metal. And that's about it. However, this isn't necessarily negative. They are all very well integrated into each other and fits extremely well together, especially when it comes to creating that intense and hostile feeling of this world (level). But exactly these textures in this particular composition has been seen a million times before and when it comes to renewal and rebirth of the genre, Dawn just doesn't get there.

And beware, from the very first steps you take, you must be prepared to fight, fight and fight, because there's big monsters and then there's big monsters and you're confronted with them from the very beginning, so head for that shotgun immediately. It's easy to make a hard level to play; just put in a lot of barons and mancubi etc. and no medikits, have them teleport in and emerge from the most impossible places and you'll have Dawn. It works, but could have been done a little more creative. Dawn has this tendency, but still offers a good gameplay with lots of action. Especially the battle with the Cyberdemon is great and demanding, because it can't be beat with ammo, only your wits...say no more.

Dawn is your typical good, average level with plenty of detail and a nice looking layout -despite some misalignments- and gets the job done.


Score:  80%