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By "Sgt. Crispy" Homepage cbs_se_dm -needs sourceport


Back in those dark and gothic hallways I felt alone and scared. Scared of that, which where to come. I knew the feeling. I'd been here before and knew that it was a matter of who's the fastest. My thoughts were brutally interrupted by the buzzing sound of a chainsaw not far away. Fear crawling up from behind me forcing me to act: "Come on you bastard! Come taste daddy's boomstick!!"

Well here we are again. Sgt. Crispy's CBS series is over us once again. And this time better than ever. There are three levels in this pack, all very different in size. The first one is relatively small and gets overcrowded with more than three players. Number two "Crypt of dark souls" is probably the most tense of the three, because of it's medium size and low ceilings. You can't really run away, but there's also space for a short break when you're four players. Very well balanced I must say. The last of them is the biggest and is situated in big open areas all very well connected to each other.

The theme of the levels are well thought over. Available in the levels are only the two shotguns and the chainsaw (at least that's all I came across). A very interesting concept which can get a little hard: There's always a chainsaw nearby, the super-shotgun is rare while the normal one is more at hand. The hard part is fighting the good players and keeping them at a distance with only a chainsaw for some time while you're searching for the more powerful SS. This isn't made easier when you can't find a green armor. However, this isn't a bad thing. It's makes it all a little more interesting, especially because it's so well balanced. You won't get frustrated because of the lack of a weapon like the SS. It's there, you'll just have to survive a little before getting it. This creates some sort of a "first come, first served" gameplay where it's survival of the fittest. You'll have be good in dodging bullets and running for your life while picking up all the right objects. In other words: Deathmatch at its best!

What is also quite good about these three levels are the more or less fantastic scenery which surrounds the players. Moody with its dark, scarce lighted corridors and walls towering unfriendly high up into the air. All perfectly covered with some of the most gothic textures and flats available in the community. Very nice indeed. It looks especially good with a OpenGl port like zDoomGl with MD2's. Those torches really fit in perfectly here.

Here's a word of advice: Download and play it. Either you'll love it, or you'll like it. It's as simple as that really. Enjoy.