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 C A T A S T R O P H E

By Richie Gay catastrophe


You're sent in to eliminate all resistance in this alien base situated right here on Gods green Earth. And what do you do? Well, you go in and kill everything in sight that growls or shoots at you!

The base is made up by a centered start-room from which four hallways leads into different bigger areas literally filled with furious and angry monsters. So you go into one room and kill every damned monster inside, grab a key, return to the start-room, find a matching door etc. (not marked!) It's been done before and is the safest way to make a non-linear gameplay that works. Not very exciting, but OK.  

The look is mainly characterized by the colour green. This is because 90% of the textures and flats are marble and gstone etc. This also has been seen hundreds of times before. It never gets boring or anything, it's just that big and long walls which make up a room or area gets tiring to look at when they have been overused with different variants of marble wall textures. Marble textures is in themselves pretty detailed thus causing them to be "the beginners" favourite. Catastrophe simply has too much of it making the good effect virtually non-existing. The few new textures look nice and adds that extra something to those dark and scary underground hallways. Nice effect also with the fact that they're haunted with Spectres; a good mix.

Catastrophe is actually quite a beautiful level to look at. There's plenty of detail and every part of the level has a little extra effort put into it. However, it's those "simple" and often used tricks with the architecture which everybody can make thus making Catastrophe look plain and like most other. It's a good thing though that Richie really has tried and not just left a hallway with only four walls and a door, because that's NOT the case.

I liked playing it, but it shows that this is one of his early maps. Catastrophe shows us a lot of talent and is recommendable for it's fun and "virginity"......


Score:  77%