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 C A S T L E   F R A G A L O T

By Oli "Icarus Wing" Jeffery Homepage fragalt2 -DM level


I actually enjoyed playing this Dm level. I wasn't amazed at any point neither was I disappointed. It's one of those levels which you just can't love or hate.

One can't point any fingers to lighting or shading which is exactly right. Some might claim that the level lacks darkness, but that's hardly an argument for not wanting to playing it. Light falls on the right places if it's from a "window" in the ceiling or some other light source. There's also a nice light transition between outside and inside areas. Good job done here.

However, what is that without a well put-together architecture that makes up most of the gameplay and Dm experience? I might have wished that there was a little more room to move about in, because some places like the open area with the rocket launcher in it doesn't co-operate very well with the limitations of the movement abilities of the players, as there's too many obstructions that unwillingly stops the deathmatchers from e.g. escaping causing some unfair frags. This is mostly due to height difference between the floor of that open area and the surrounding hallways and the general layout. It might have worked better if the size of it all had been a little bigger. Maybe it's just me, but this area has a bad flow.

The rest of level works excellent. It's good to see that the author has used a walk-triggered effect for opening the doors so that you are not slowed down when running around. The teleporters works very well too leading the players randomly around the map. 

I enjoyed the "new" textures very much. It's nice to see some high-quality textures. It really adds to the atmosphere and they form a perfect symbiosis with the other org. doom2 textures that were used. The sky looks just right giving the level a melancholic look which must be perfect for deathmatch, wouldn't you say!?

This is a fun to play map, however, it lacks that last bit of perfection.