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 A S H  2  A S H

By "Virgil the Doom Poet" ash2ash -needs Boom

Review by Wim Vanrie

"Ash 2 Ash" is a single-player level for DooM II by Virgil the DooM Poet, which has to be played with BooM since it uses several effects like underwater. It contains some new graphics and a nice music replacements. With almost 400 monsters it makes a great challenge on UV.

Right from the start you can tell this is a very good designed level. Everything's there. Many lighting effects which really contributes to the atmosphere. Great architecture and so on and so on. The keys have been used in a great way too. Though you never have to run back to the other side of the level to find a key, which opens a door back were you came from (on the other side of the level again), some puzzling is required, but in a fun way. This level really is a beauty, which everyone has to see!

The gameplay is very good too. In some points a bit hard on UV, in my opinion, but still playable (with many loads and saves and swears). The level is loaded with traps, which I like. Many enemies popping-up from the floor. Some rooms even have several fights in them. For example, you enter a room (and get locked up of course), which seems quite empty (you think :-). When walking a little further, many enemies pop-up from the floor. (then you realize you got locked up :-) After you defeat them, you see a key. And, when you pick up that key, again hordes of enemies appear from seemingly nowhere to bugger you a bit. You'll also notice that the level is full of Arch-viles, whom are placed very strategic so they form a double thread. The ammo-balance is quite tight, which forces you to use the berserk at some points, but not too tight (if you know what I mean). The gameplay of this level is great and forms a good challenge for everyone.

"Ash 2 Ash" is a great level and a must-play for all DooMers around. So, stop reading this s*** and download it!

Score: 90%