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 T H E  C R Y P T

by Wes Burd jr. Hell Zone thecrypt


Let me be honest: This level does not belong to the top, but its damn close. The only thing preventing this is a couple of odd things in the design that could need some improvement. But that's all. This level is excellent in any other term. That is mostly due to the fact that it has its own style. It is like nothing else you normally see. Wes Burd has chosen to look away to what other people do and has made his own special way of making levels: And that is usually levels with very big areas and a very gothic and medieval choice of textures such as marble, metal and Gstone. The Crypt is no exception. Almost every area and ”room” are enormous and is on the verge of a visplane overflow.

However this means that the monsters shots are easily dodged and offers no actual intense fighting experience. However monster placement are generally good and the monsters enters the level in all sorts of ways.

There is no special features in this level and no things that absolutely blow you away. But that does not matter since you are instantly fascinated by its weird environment and style.

Score: 80 %