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 S U I C I D E

by Wes Burd Hell Zone suicide


The design is there. The gameplay is there. And most of all: The originality is there. Once again Wes Burd has accomplished the (almost) impossible. He has made a map unlike any other seen in the community. The level is unique and that is its strength.

Exactly how he does it, remains an unravelled mystery. Wes Burd's levels does not resemble, look or feel like any other. Suicide manifests it. The style is generally gothic like many other levels. But not like any of the org. DooM levels, and certainly not any eps. 3 level (which it is made for). Texture choice consists mainly of marble, wood and gstone. They make up a medium design which have some oldschool elements to it which are downright awful. But the greater part of the level is very well detailed indeed and a nice treat to the eye with light sectors placed in dark, original use of textures and a varied structure.

Another thing that hits you is the number of trigger effects: A lot! ...which is mostly due to the level's size, which is nothing short of freaking big, but also that no room is without some sort of trigger effect. It makes the level very interactive and exciting to play.

The variety of the level is astonishing. It constantly changes from room to room without ever getting messy or confusing. You can easily navigate around the map -although I had a lot of problems getting started (shame on me!)- and you are constantly moving back and forth though the level fighting monsters, which is, I'm afraid not to difficult since you are constantly fed with big guns and power-ups. Detailed and extremely original. Download now.


Score: 88%