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 S T E P S  V 2

By Harry "Planet1" stepsv2


I should have known better. The dark room, yet with lights in the ceiling, which you start in plastered with writing in blood "Steps sucks" should have be warning enough. And the Supershotgun right in front of you and the two lonely Imps right around the corner should have made me "Exit Game" right away. But, I'm an optimist of nature, and I can't very well review a level I haven't played. So there I was, just waiting to see what foul errors would come next.

The first thing I noticed was the total lack of detail. The author hasn't bothered or gone through any effort whatsoever to make this level a beauty: Its plain ugly with its numerous and extremely long hallways filled with grave errors such as ceiling lights (tlite6_6) that move into the surrounding walls or simply the ton of misaligned walls in the big staircases in extension of the hallways leading you around the map. And running through them isn't always easy since bumping your head into the ceilings is inevitable. There's also a constant shift in texture choice right from gray cement to green slimy brick and from tech to the very hellish screaming heads wall texture. You can't possibly tell what style this map has or where it takes place. The only positive aspect of this is the fact that it helps you distinguish the halls from each other letting you know where you've already been. It should be mentioned that all these hallways lead into the middle of the map where a huge lift keeps moving up and down lifting you high up the map. Maybe the writing in first room refers to this feature, or maybe it's just general. A fact is it, that nothing in this map is particularly memorable or worth anything but a negative thought.

The monsters are off course present too. And for your killing pleasure you have the choice of almost all of the Doom II weapons. The only thing is that the Shotgun, Plasmagun and Rocket launcher have been blessed with some notorious and ill sounding replacement sounds. Now, unless you've found something really good, my advice is, NOT to replace any weapon sounds, especially if they are as distorted and bad as these.


Score:  41%