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 S E L F I S H  2

by Paul Corfiatis Paul's DooM Page selfish2


Selfish 2 reminded me instantly of the org. Doom2. Many levels characterizes themselves by their themes: Gothic with marble or Technological with computers and such. These are mostly very good, but the challenge in making them fails to appear. This is where Paul separates himself from the crowd in his most recent series "Selfish".

This is mostly due to the way in which he chooses the textures. Paul uses all sorts of different textures; from wood to redhot rocks to slimy grey walls. Now only great skills in level designing can prevent this from becoming the absolute screw-up: Paul Corfiatis.

However, it is not only the texture usage you get to love, it is also the extreme cleanness of it all. Everything works perfectly and binds it all together into one smooth running piece of machinery. There is no "broken cogwheel" anywhere slowing the machine down. It is so very, very smooth! Hereby I mean trigger effects, "traps", monsterplacement, objects, secrets and generally the way every wall, door, elevator and pit is placed. No object is placed without a motive or randomly. A big process of thinking is behind it all.

Score: 89%