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 S A V E  Y O U R  H A T E

By Vlad "blod" Sosedkin savehate -needs EDGE 1.24


Nice to finally get to play an EDGE level not made as a test-level by the EDGE team. There aren't many EDGE levels available in the community, and that's a bit sad, because EDGE do have a very strong feature. Namely the 3D floors. "SYH" actually proves to be an OK example of how an EDGE level can be made.

First of all I think the author has controlled the level very well. Its always a bit harder to maintain concentration and the general view of things when you're dealing with making 3D floors in DooM. So at first the level looks quite simple in terms of architecture. Many buildings are straightforward in design and reminds me a lot of any first-half DooM II level, but that's also due to the texture/flat choice. However, the bridges, computers, ceiling lamps, rooms over rooms etc. elevates the level's aesthetics to a higher level. Although not mind-bendingly beautiful, they hold some good gameplay, and that's what the larger half of DooM is about.

"SYH" reminds me partly of any of Kurt Kesler's maps. Like many of his (zDooM) wads "SYH" follows the much used base/tech style with the obligatory computer stations, long hallways with different kinds of lights, a few open areas and the use of keys. All very nicely made in this level, only it doesn't differ much from what we've seen a thousand times. "SYH" brings nothing new to the genre, but then again, what new is there to add but textures and sourceport features...

Gameplay wise the level again follows the standard way of doing things. Hereby not said, it's boring, only that the few surprises and tricks tucked into "SYH" doesn't exactly impress. It just lifts the gameplay to average. As I mentioned above the level is the basic search for keys kind of level. It's a bit linear in design. Now that's not a bad thing in this level because of its size; if it was filled with meaningless rooms and hallways the level would have exceeded the limit of what is considered as reasonable.

I liked playing through Save Your Hate, and I think you will too. However, don't expect this level to fascinate you for a longer period of time. It just needs that extra something, and it would have rocked your socks off.


Score: 72%