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 R O K S

by Marc A. Pullen Homepage roks -DM level -needs zDooM or Legacy


An extreme deathmatch level in so many ways. Design and gameplay exceed anything I've ever played before. You're left with that "full" feeling in your entire body after having played Roks.

Full because all of your senses are put to the test. Let me start with the size of this level. It's huge. Some might deem it too big for DM, and what else can I say to those people, but, too bad, you're missing something. Because all though it's big, with big open areas surrounding it, the inside and the center of it is so well designed with those breathtaking and astounding super structures that only Mr. Pullen can create. They do however make the players look a little small, but that's a matter of detail. Speaking of detail, most of these big "buildings" could have used a little more of just that. These inside areas and rooms make up the perfect DM environment with lots of space to move around in for several players, but never too open as there's also pillars and such to make the challenge factor of moving around and getting out of a tight situation rise. The balance is perfect and even though you are only four players the level never gets too big -four is though a minimum. The size supports the speed of DooM, which is high, very nicely and lowers it perhaps to a more -in today's standards- tolerable level.

The new textures, sounds and weapons are -as we say in Danish- a chapter for itself. Which means that they are absolutely great, but also, that they don't disturb or "outruns" the rest of the levels unity, but adds to it. The textures make a dark gothic atmosphere which can only indulge to a scary and hectic fight between the players. The same goes for the weapons, which are great fun.

Take your time to find your round in it and learn it to your fingertips and you'll love playing it. Lots of time can be spent with Roks; and you won't regret it.