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 R O C K E T E E R

by Qingshuo Wang Pixel's Matrix roketeer


I don’t know what it is with Pixel’s wads, but there’s not a single one of them that doesn’t amaze you: At least those publicly released ;-) And I must say, that he did an exceptional piece of work with this one. Rocketeer is one of those wads, which you play through a couple of times, load it up in the editor just to study the whole thing and watch just how he’s managed to manipulate and stretch the limits of the doom engine to the absolute max, and after all this you “play” it through again; only this time without monsters, so that you have plenty of time just to quietly walk the level through to gaze at and admire the architecture and the way in which every single wall, room and outdoor area has been worked on to such an extend that words simply cannot describe it: You have to see it and experience it. It’s that fascinating! Every single texture fits in perfectly with the other and have been aligned beyond recognize ability: Even the much used Metal1-7 walls gain new life. Rocketeer is built mainly with tech, metal and greenwall textures, thus giving the level a base style look. Again it’s made a little different than all the other, so it’s hard to tell, and since there’s no story to go for… All very original! However, Rocketeer doesn’t only offer you a treat for the eye but also the gameplay is at its peak. Monsters have been carefully selected to fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the level and adds to its perfection. They appear, ready for battle, in multiple ways, and sewer-like areas are haunted with Spectres that lurk in the dark while Chaingunners fills you with lead from open higher positions! Add to that a couple of Cyberdemons!! Really “bad” stuff!!!

But is there no down side?! None, only the fact that you get irritated and jealous of playing it!


Score: 95%