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 R A N S O M

By Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk ransom


This level is a mixed experience. There's some good things in it, but also some rather distinct flaws. At times its fun, but mostly a fairly average gaming experience.

The most funny thing about Ransom is some of the new sounds. Like e.g. the Zombiemen's and Sergents' sounds which have been replaced with some reminding me a lot of an insane version of Soldier of Fortune: They yell and scream in agony when you shoot them or kill them making you feel absolutely like a murder. Its mad, but very amusing. The best of the sounds are, which in retrospective seems very obvious, the sound of the small shotgun which have been replaced with Quake3Arena's Supershotgun. It sounds pretty good because there's practically no distortion in it.

I don't know exactly why it's called Ransom or why you're running around in something similar to a city here on Earth, but at places the design is pretty good with some OK alignment and detail. The progression of the level is somewhat easy and while not exactly linear its never confusing or misleading. Walls lower with monsters behind them giving the level a standard gameplay seen many times, but with a solid efficiency factor. And just when you think you've got the style right in your head, it shifts dramatically into something totally different: You teleport into something which looks mostly like a gothic environment. That's not the biggest problem, but the fact that you expect now to meet some challenge in the shape of a big monster. That doesn't happen. OK, hidden in relatively big structure, nicely decorated with misaligned walls, lurks a couple of Revenants and some Chaingunners. And then the level is over. A strange shift, and not to forget, somewhat misplaced. A strange way to end an otherwise OK level.

With some more work and a word from me to remove those e.g. Drew Carey Crew ugly posters, the level could have reached a higher score because of its innovative spirit.


Score: 61%