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 P S T L E V M

By PichuSofT 99 Homepage -needs zDooM


The best of both worlds! That's the perfect phrase for this level. This level combines the strengths of zDooM/DooM with Quake2 to perfection. You still have the ideal DooM setting and style with the strange and hostile environment that automatically comes with it, but add to that a handful of Q2 textures and sounds that adds to this maps perfection by simply standing quietly in the background supporting the level on its way to the top.....almost that is.

And let's not forget the eminent design filled to the breaking point with detail and excellent architecture building a truly -and interesting- impressive gameplay and setting for the player to explore and be a part of: PstLevM is in constant symbiosis with the player; you are from the first steps sucked in by the atmosphere of this level. You love it instantaneously. Also adding to this, is the lightning/shading which is nothing short of inspiring with light and dark areas in just the right places below skylights, wall mounted lamps etc. One has to admire the way in which absolutely nothing is or exists without a purpose; if it's crates or nuke-pits, it's all there to impress you and challenge you and add to the layout to in some way. No harm done either with a few neat, innovative and challenging -without ever being impossible- puzzles for the player to solve. There's also some more or less classical ones.

Texture choice consists mostly of new textures on the walls, however, there's also a few on the flats. Still present is a fair amount of the original D2 textures, but only the most commonly used and -most importantly- ones that fit perfect with the new textures which by the way look very cool and professionally made. And every one of them is mixed in with the general layout and architecture to really make it all look very plausible and aesthetically sound. However, some is not correctly aligned and unpegged so the "What a Wad Award" must wait for another time; it was damn close from getting it. 

But what is all this without a good gameplay?! As I've already implied, PstLevM lacks nothing at this point either and scores a high score on a nonlinear and effective way of leading the player around the level whilst challenging him with a good portion of monsters relatively well placed and clever selected to suit the areas in which they are placed.

Let the pounding of the new music track and cleanness of it all suck you inside this universe for the a DooM experience rarely encountered in this day and age. Have fun and let this -yes I'll let you hear me say it again- perfect level stay on your HD for a long time.


Score:  91%