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 P L I N C H

by Dustin Parker plinch


This level puzzles me: I feel like I’ve seen it all before, then yet again, not!? Mr. Parker tries to bend the common rules of level designing and succeeds somewhat. First of all, you’ll have to fight this level with only the few bullets in your gun, and from then on, your trusty fists! Well perhaps a shotgun is lurking in there some-where….. At first, it feels weird, not having any mechanical help and perhaps this would prevent some people from playing it because of the lack of action. The gameplay is intense and you’ll have to be strategic in your attacks, because a head to head confrontation does you no good when packs of demons surround you and bite your head off. And I have to admit that even though most areas are pretty big -thus making it easy to dodge those IMP fireballs– some are quite small and “RETREAT!!!” is the only option.

The second thing about this level is the architecture. Rooms consists mostly of stucco and tanrock walls with the occasional diversion like some very well designed redrock pillars in the OK yet under detailed outside areas. With no stairs etc. the level has a very flat feel to it. Every room is in some way attached only separated by massive bars or doors that have to be opened. OK, but then again all of this can easily confuse the player, especially when you are trying to desperately avoid being torched by an Arch Vile, while navigating the map, which ultimately has the same overall look. Confusing and frustrating at times. Ceilings, floors and walls that make up the main rooms are very well designed with some nice detail and perfectly aligned. A good and innovative level.