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 P H O E N I X   R I S I N G

by Gurka Boy phoenix -needs zDooM


Phoenix is exactly what I was talking about back in my Pagbspd2 review; zDooM levels has a tendency to use a large amount of Quake2 textures and sounds, and off course a gameplay very similar to that seen in id’s super title. Phoenix is a symptomatic example of these facts.

Now, Phoenix Rising consists of 5 levels all relatively very different in design. I liked most of what I saw, with great eye to detail and add to that a challenging gameplay in form of objects and puzzles. It’s all there; crushing ceilings shaped as something very mechanical nicely wrapped up in a base style environment with big computers and air vents you’ll have to climb through in order to move on to other areas. But where the fun stops, the “hell” starts. Because it’s all too dark. Maybe it’s due to bad lighting and shading, but mostly because of the over exhausted use of Quake2 textures (totally overshadowing the org. DooM textures); they’re everywhere: On the walls, floors, doors etc. This fails to give the level any atmosphere at all. Because you’re used to see these textures in a totally different extent; namely in the real Q2! I don’t know, but I think that the not to good graphics performance by zDooM rapes these nice and cool textures and flats and turns them into something horrible and it darkens the level. The occasional use of such a texture/flat is ok. And those trees look ok, but the ones with snow on ‘em……!?

The structure of the levels a quasi-hub to use the author’s own words. All though it doesn’t work as good as a real hub structure, this quasi-hub is generally a good experience. It takes talent not to fuck it up.

I liked playing these levels, all though they never really made my jaw hit the floor in any way. Worth the download despite it all.

Score: 81%