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 P D  D M  1

By Pablo Dictter pddm1 -DM level


This is Pablo's first deathmatch level. A nice one it is, only it has some big beginners faults. And Pablo isn't exactly a newcomer anymore.

First of all all things and objects are marked only as "net". This makes it damned hard to start a deathmatch game with some bots in SkullTag for instance. So when you start a game you'll be spawning in a player1 start-position and with no weapons or anything to pick up. This makes for a very dull gaming experience running around the map with a one-on-one match in progress firing at each other with pistols. When looking at the map in my editor I can see that Pablo had plans for some tremendous action in this small map. There's a plasma gun, rocket launcher and a secret BFG in there, which I find a bit excessive in a map of this size and cramped-in feeling. But hey, that's only a guess.

When it comes to design, you'll immediately learn that this map is made by Pablo. He has a very distinct way of doing things, and having played almost all of his maps, I know one when I see one. He has a flair for details and PDdm1 has it's own marks. Ceiling lights and various interesting and mystical wall elements of some sort keeps the maps appearance and looks at a more than OK level. However, the crates, which do give the level an intense feeling, are placed way too close to each other and in very narrow hallways. I've always meant that Doom deathmatch requires much space to move about in because of the game's speed. That's also why PDdm1 is only suitable for a one-on-one match. But bumping into things when running backwards is going to happen. Apart from that there wasn't really any mayor misalignments and stuff. And with some nicely put together textures I really rather enjoyed the looks of the level. Finally there's the tank with green slime in it that doesn't cause damage to the player like its brother right next to it.... I won't comment that.

Fix those errors Pablo and make it a bit bigger, then you'll have quite a good DM level.