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 P A I N F U L L Y   Y O U R S

by Krisitan Aro B.o.R. painurs -DM level


I knew from the first step I took in this level that I was dealing with something special. "Painfully yours" has a certain atmosphere that adds very much to perfection of the deathmatch experience. This atmosphere is built up by all the necessary and obligatory elements of a level; both those distinct of a DM level, but also of a level in general.

The level of detail in this level is, if not extreme, then pretty impressive. No wall or flat is without some sort detail. Whether you look up or down, the greatness is present. There are no randomly put in textures. It all bears the feeling of the author's awareness and attention to the importance of an aesthetical experience as well as a super gaming experience. And that's another aspect; it plays well. The game is centred mostly around a very demonic looking "courtyard" with several marble demonfaces observing the players as they continuously kill and splatter each other. Very moody and excellently made. You have a feeling that you're in another world, and it sure isn't a friendly one. Around this courtyard, there is one big surrounding hallway with ammo and accesses to small rooms with weapons. You can't be un-willingly caught or cornered. There's always a way to escape. 

The level is also very well balanced when it comes to ammo, armor, powerups and weapons. You can easily get killed but if you play it right, then there's also a good opportunity that you'll survive. It mostly depends on how good you are, but you won't get thrashed because of unfair small amounts of objects.

The size of the level is perfect. Big enough to hold a large amount of players, but also "small" enough to host a 3-4 player match; you won't find yourself running around for ages looking and searching for opponents.

Play it and enjoy it to the fullest.