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 P A I N F U L   E V I L

By Tomi Rajala Homepage painevil - needs sourceport


Only one level I can think of right now starts of with a bigger bang than this one. And that would be my own "Flay The Obscene - The Third". Although, you do have to go through one door first before you get the SuperShotgun. In "Painful Evil" it's practically shoved up your nose right from the beginning, and seconds after you're battling Revenants and Demons. I had at least the dignity only to use Cacodemons and Chaingunners.... (pun intended).

What really makes this such a wonderful level is the massive amount of detail. Every wall and floor is somehow decorated with carefully selected textures in a dozen of different angles and appearances. It builds a sinister atmosphere with a distinct evil scent to it. The dimmed rooms and corridors doesn't exactly offer you a warm welcome. However, in this level, unlike many other good looking levels, it provides the level with a gameplay value too. Everything isn't just thrown in to make it look good, but also to create a kick-ass gameplay. A perfect symbiosis of moody architecture and tricky puzzles.

The architecture waves in and out, up and down and makes a nonlinear level with lots of things to look out for. There might be an Imp around the corner, Demons lurking behind a wall or Revenants and Chaingunners firing at you from a distance. You have to use both your eyes and your wits if you don't intend to be slashed and smashed. The gameplay is action, action and more action with only few seconds to take a break. Ammo is supplied in necessary amounts and nothing more. It's there, but use it wisely.

The absolute knock-out of this level, is the texture choice. We have the much used marble and bstone, but also the underestimated bronze walls. All mixed with a touch of metal and gstone. It's yummy and cooked just right!

I couldn't resist giving it 91% and the "What a Wad Award" for it's massively entertaining, tricky and action filled gameplay alongside with its marvelous and impressively detailed architecture. Congrats Tomi for this winner!


Score: 91%