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 O U T P O S T

By RTC_Marine Homepage outpost -DM level


It takes a lot in this day and age for a DM level to distinguish itself from the rest in terms of gameplay and looks. "Outpost" does distinguish itself from the huge amount of DooM II DM levels out there, however not from being spectacular in quality.

The biggest flaw in this level is probably the boring design. The level is built up by four square rooms which is connected to each other with long hallways. The level only consists of 90ยบ corners and straight lines. This doesn't necessarily make a bad level, only its damn hard to make it look interesting especially when its totally stripped of detail and lighting/shading. There's a reason why the size of the wad file is a poor 14kbs. There just isn't any thing interesting at all about the looks of this level. This is also strongly resembled by the choice of textures namely various gray cement walls and flats, which gives the players a headache after only 5 minutes of playing. It should have been a piece of cake to align textures in this small and simple level, yet somehow that one slipped through the author's fingers too.

Gameplay? Well, a bloodbath is guaranteed if you're more than two players. Two things of major influence to the bloody gameplay: Weaponry and items: A plasma rifle, shotgun, chain gun and rocket launcher neatly placed in each corner-room combined with a spawn-spot right next to them gives "Outpost" an easy level of difficulty: You re-spawn, pick up a weapon and starts the killing spree all within a few seconds. The only challenging thing in this level, is the big windows which makes shooting from room to room and hitting an opponent very easy. Its "irritating" when you're running around one room and get blasted to bits by a lucky shot fired from the other end of the level, which is the only good thing about the gameplay really. And you can forget about potions, medi-kits, armor etc. because it isn't there..