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 O H I O   E D I S O N   O F F I C E S

by Colin Mitchell oe


This wad had no accompanying txt file, so I have to write this from what I learned from Colin’s mail as he submitted the wad. As I understand it is mainly for DM, but since I don’t exactly know for certain, I’ve chosen to review it as a singleplayer level, since the monsters were there. So I’m excused, I hope! There's one word that fits this level rather nicely and that’s Old School. Mostly because O.E.O looks like something that was made 5 years ago and in a damned hurry, that is!

It is a city-level (which there aren’t too many off!), since it supposedly reflects a real place in Ohio. The small size makes it pretty easy to navigate as opposed to most city-levels! Unfortunately there is not really much else to say. The level has a lot of texture misalignments and too many unoriginal ideas to give the player any challenge or experience for that matter. Monsters are just put in randomly, and on UV there’s a Revenant and an Arch Vile stuck to each other in a small elevator!! ..which isn’t really to good put together either! And the thing that makes the level so utterly different from today’s standards of editing, is the fact that it totally lacks detail! There’s not a thing that makes you stop for a minute to have a look. No special features and no surprises, just a plain old fashioned and rather ugly level!

Score: 40%