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 M E T A L  G E A R  S O L I D

by Damien Mychajlowskyj "" MGS


This is your chance to play the game Metal Gear Solid in first person with a touch of DooM!. Or is it??

Since I have never played MGS, I do not know how close these levels resemble that game, like they are meant to. I find this to be an optimistic undertaking, a bit too optimistic. It is extremely difficult to catch the atmosphere of another game -especially if you do not use any imported graphics etc. and MGS does not- and then convert into another game. The author has tried to recreate -I presume- the "guards" or human enemies of MGS with SS troopers and it makes it all come down to a more or less ludicrous level of acceptance. SS troopers just does not work in a wad like this. And it does not make it any better when a lot of texture misalignments, meaningless doors (that has no important connection or relevance to the rest of the levels' progress) and a really big amount of auto-maps that is supposedly meant to resemble the computers of MGS ravages all of the 11 levels. The direct transference of MGS elements into Doom gives this level pack a poor gameplay with not to many interesting things; worth mentioning is perhaps the OK tanks and restrooms. The rest is more less boring.

The design is fairly good, however, it is just all to easy when you have an existing thing to built it from. If the author had tried to combine the different elements of Doom and MGS and perhaps changed a few things to make it more playable with Doom instead of just copying, something good could have come out of this level pack. A little renewal and liberty in design is needed. Texture alignment must also be in order to get a higher score.


Score:  64%