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By Sami Mäki-Mantila Homepage msok -needs sourceport


The darkness frightens me. I don't feel safe here in these green, slimy, dark and deserted hallways. A shotgun nearby, ahh the trustful shotgun with which I've slaughtered so many hell-spawn. By the looks of things, and by the feeling in my gut, I think it's time once again.

Let my start by saying that I've got a distinctive feeling that the makers of Serious Sam have not only played the orig. Doom, but also Max Speed's Overkill! The gameplay is similar to both; lots and lots of monsters emerginf from everywhere in big rooms and open areas! Did anyone say "Action on!"? This level provides some memorable fights with the best Doom action around. Hell yes, it was enjoyable..... and bloody too, he he. To help you in the fight against this ruthless enemy is your usual variety of Doom II weapons along side a good amount of ammo. Sometimes a bit overabundant. Especially when it comes to shells; some of them could have been replaced with a couple of rockets more. It can get a little challenging fighting huge hordes of Mancubi, Aracnotrons, Hellknights and Lost Souls with only a SuperS. But luckily there's a good amount of powerups to keep the score balanced. All in all, challenging yet extremely entertaining.

However, there needs to be a good surrounding in order to make a good fight. This is again one of the biggest forces of these levels; their good design provides an excellent battleground. Although not mind-bogglingly beautiful they still manage to impress with their cold, dark metal surfaces rising high up into the air occasionally interrupted by a slimy green wall. Also implemented is the more or less obligatory amount of objects and puzzles that needs to be solved. They have a good balance between being medium and challenging.

The three levels are meant to be some sort of old UAC base. They are very -as mentioned- sinister and dark and lives up to the author's story; "Abandoned for 14 years...." It also feels like you're working your way through some old base, while not as impressive and convincing as some other wads, they still manage to build up a thick-with-evil atmospheres which really becomes the gameplay in a level built up by such creepy textures and flats. Some areas are extremely well made and especially the entire of the third level was top notch in my book.

My advice is: Don't miss out on this one!


Score: 79%