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 K I L L  official Demo

By Ike654 and the Kill Team Homepage


It's a funny things with levels, you know. You download them with a childish excitement and joy, hoping that this will be the one that you'll be remembering forever. You unzip it, load it up -still restless of eager- and what do you see!? Well, nothing that'll rock your socks off......

This megawad disappointed me. I tend to believe that every wad produced and not to forget get publicly released holds at least a bearable level of playability and quality. It's safe to say that Kill doesn't do just that. It comes half way, but flunks. The design is downright boring and the constant repetition of everything makes the gaming experience a total annoyance. You get bored half way into a level, because you feel that this just isn't going anywhere. The gameplay simply doesn't exist; rooms are filled with troopers, imps, shotgun-guys and demons often just waiting for you in that boring old-school manner where they stand with their backs to you until you fire at one of them. It's predictable and old-school'ish. 

The new sounds doesn't add anything at all. Like so many other, they just sound bad and you end up turning your speakers off. Lighting is there, only it doesn't fall right from it's source. Shading is of a medium level, best in the latter levels. Sometimes the levels feels cramped and too "tight". The good thing is; there's no oversized hallways. Detail is there, only scarce and usually a little bit mis-aligned or un-pegged. However, like the first screenshot (above) shows there is the occasional good element. Kill has the potential, only it's very faint and hard to dig out.

I don't have much else to say really, other than the few good things in these levels are not enough for it to be worth the download. Sorry, but today, you'll have to do better if you want to "make yourself heard"....


Score:  60%