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 J A I L  D M

By "Sgt. Crispy" Homepage jaildm -DM level


Like so many other well-functioning DM levels, JailDM uses the gameplay friendly symmetrical system where -if the level where divided into four parts- all corners of the level are alike when it comes to design. Confusing when it comes to remembering which corner the plasma-rifle is placed in, though.....

The level consists of a big outdoor area nicely placed in the center surrounded by one big hallway with some good lights effects and details and just the right size. Attached to this hallway are the holding-cells, and a lot of them too, with all the weapons etc. placed in them. The only annoying thing is the doors: They are in the way, and you often get shot in the back waiting for one to open. The good thing is that there are two of them for each room so getting out is a bit easier. A good DM level doesn't have these more or less irritating doors; they only function as irritating elements and unnecessary obstacles. They work better when walk-triggered.

I didn't spot any mis-aligned textures or likewise some that needed to be un-pegged, so there is a nice professional feel to this level. This is also thanks to thorough work "Sgt. Crispy" did with matching shading/lighting nicely with the choice of textures. 

Apart from that, the general look is really spooky and cold, and invites the players -max 4- for a good and medium DM experience. The environment is tough and rough just like deathmatch itself!