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by American McGee idmap01 -DM level


This is a DM level made for org. DooM 2 made by the one and only American McGee, who was one of the main characters in making DooM. This level was made when ”the guys” didn't really have a solid DM level they could play around in back then in the mid-nineties, as all of the levels in DooM 2 was built mainly for SP. This is a little funny thing McGee wrote in the txt file:

”Additional Credits to : John Romero for dying so well during testing”


And off course all of this can only mean one thing: Quality extreme! It might be an old level and fairly simple, but some of the areas in this level are to be seen or reflected in some modern Q2 or Arena DM levels. This is the real stuff and manifests the way that a DM level must look and play like. Its not as advanced or detailed as some new sourceport DM levels and is clearly not made for a 32 player deathmatch. The atmosphere in this level offers a nostalgic and clean gaming experience. And if you are still ”stuck” with an old machine and the org. DooM 2 and are still playing a round of DM with the guys, then you mustn't miss this one.

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