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 H E L L O !

By Hello Software hello


I like Doom. And I like Duke. This must be my dream then! A set of Doom2 levels made by Hello Software with a rather distinctive Duke theme. However, it generally lacks quality.

First of all, I really like the Duke weapons. They look good and brings another dimension to Doom. They almost behave like seen in 3D Realms first person shooter hit. But, they doesn't really fit in.

And why not? Because the level design is old-school and consists mostly of Dark Forces sized open areas with a minimum of detail and work put into it. If only the authors had cared enough to create a suitable atmosphere that fits the weapons and the theme of the levels, a better gaming-experience would have been the result. Because along side this low quality design, stands the gameplay. And a good gameplay doesn't evolve around a big outside area filled with monsters of all sizes and shapes. It gets boring and equalizes totally the otherwise positive set of Duke weapons.

There isn't really much more to say, other than play to amuse yourself over the Revenant replacement (guess who that is) and the weapons. Don't expect to be dazzled or in any other way impressed.


Score:  60%