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 H E L L   F A C T O R Y   H U B   1

by Tomi Rajala Lu Wang's Site hellfact -needs zDooM


 Screenshot Mania


4 action packed, intense, innovative and strikingly excellent levels! That’s what you’re in for. And add to that a good story and all the zDooM gimmicks you could wish for.

The variation in design is nothing short of great; the choice of textures and flats supports each other adorably well. Stone, brick and metal along side of other varieties of “cement”, brown and rocks. The author never loses control and it all fits in perfectly with the way in which the levels are built. It’s all there; computer rooms, containment areas, nukage processing facilities and highly detailed outdoor areas with fog or scary darkness. It actually brings back memories from Half-Life, but also from other great 3D games such Jedi Knight and Quake II. It’s all there, just hidden behind the fact that this is DooM! “OK,” you might say “but this is after all zDoom!” Yes, but that’s only a bonus. The effects and strengths of zDooM has been worked in to the whole and is just a exciting level of detail and adds to the amazing atmosphere of these levels. Everything you saw- and more (!) - in the zDooM demo wad is represented in Hell Factory: Sliding and dividing doors, rotating walls, floating gibs in nukage, rising water flooding an entire room, 3d bridges and elevators, deadly laser beams, earth quakes, conveyor belts, the launching of a very big weapon (!) and last -but definitely not least– a perfect hub structure, which any of above mentioned big games could not have done better. The sound effects which have been borrowed from Q2 and the sentences that pop up in the game to tell you what to do are despite some spelling errors, quite good.

And as I mentioned, the atmosphere, whow! DooM lives, that’s all I can say. Play it now, you’ll never regret it!

Score: 93%