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 E N T R Y W A Y

by Joseph Pallai entryway


After having played this level, I found myself wondering quite hard what to make of it. Yes there is a few misaligned textures and the design aren't that fascinating. But still, it has a lot of quality and potential to it. It doesn’t look like any of the recently released levels in the community; both in a positive and negative way. It is a level you love to hate …...or something.

The gameplay is rather linear. You start in big outdoor area where imps, zombiemen and a caco starts shooting at you; and you’re only armed with a gun and a few bullets so it’s a good thing that the area is big enough for the player to dodge those fireballs. Then you move on and are guided through the areas. There’s only one –classic crate filled- room that “works” independent from the other, and it doesn’t really make any sense: You walk in, lights turn dark and you find a switch and turn them back on and walk out of there shooting a couple of zombiemen on the way out. From the outside the buildings are very “oldschoolish” and reminds you of the good old days when bad levels where over abundant: The level of detail to the outdoor areas are more or less non existent: Big walls with no detail to it. Texture choice reminds you of the org. doom2 levels or perhaps a little bit of eps. 1 from Doom. It takes some good designing abilities to make it work and Entryway fails generally. However, most indoor areas are very well detailed with some very innovative details. But it’s a fact that the level has a wavering feel to it and that this fact has a great influence on the main gameplay and general feeling of it. It just doesn’t work these days if you only make a half product, especially with the choice of base style Entryway has; leveldesigning has moved on and Entryway has been left behind.


Score: 61%