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 D O O M A R E N A S

By Jason "" Sloan Homepage doomarena -DM level


Here's a set of sourceport-deathmatch levels you don't run into everyday! I've never played anything like these before and I probably never will. They're so different from what you normally encounter yet so plain and ordinary that you feel like you've played it before. That's the keywords for DoomArenas.

Namely Arenas is to be taken literally because not one of these look anything like the other; they've all got different themes and takes place in the most weird and fantastic surroundings. It really works and gives DoomArenas an atmosphere which no other DM levels can. This is also due to the new textures and objects that really elevates the levels distinctiveness to a higher level. I really enjoyed playing the much Q3A inspired space map. Yes, it has some flaws and is at times the most annoying level in the pack, but mostly it's great fun and best of all; you really feel like you're running around in outer space slaying your pals, and; there's no place to hide! Apropos hiding: That's no problem in the other levels! And why not? They curve, twist, wind and makes hunting the center of the match. 

But then we have the question of design, and this is where DA fails. There's too many misaligned and un-pegged textures. There's also an excessive lack of variation in texture choice. Hereby I mean, that often does e.g. long  hallways only consist of one texture repeated. Apart from that I've never seen such an innovative and unique way of combining textures and flats. I wouldn't be mistaken if I say that this a distinctive Jason Sloan style. It's very special and not like anything you've ever seen. However, there's also a great number of lights and other details scattered around the levels. Again they're not ordinary, but very exceptionally designed. 

I must admit that I was disappointed when I discovered that some nuke floors didn't cause me any damage! That's a sad relic from the old-school-designing days, which I thought had been terminated for good. 

They play really well and there's plenty of fun in them. They would have been something truly out of the ordinary had they not been so marked with patent "errors" and flaws. I'm looking forward to DA2, that's for sure!